I love the muppets

Jun 16th

After trying to put the baby down for a nap in his cradle twice, I threw on the sling and he’s now been sleeping for well over an hour. Of course, in that time I’ve managed to do nothing except sit on the computer and do some things for my business, but he’s happy and I’m happy. Everybody wins!

The boys are watching “Muppet Treasure Island” for the first time. I may make trips to the library a weekly event so we can all get out of the house and they can watch something different on tv. PBS sure does get monotonous.

Our adventure into town for Father’s Day shopping was…interesting. I had to pull over once on the way there and once on the way back in order to calm down the baby. He happily rested in the sling once we were actually shopping. I’m doing something a little different than what I originally planned, but I think he’ll like it. It’s hard not having enough of my own money to get him nice stuff like he gets for me. I’ll have to finish the project tomorrow, though. I’m not motivated enough right now.

Two moonflowers are opening tonight! There are so many flower buds on the plants and I can’t wait until like three or four are open at a time. It’ll be so pretty. In other gardening news, the orchid I rescued from Lowe’s all that time ago is growing what looks to be either a new root or a spike! I reeeeeally hope it’s a spike. I want to be surrounded by flowers! The dendrobium is growing a huge network of new roots, too, so I hope it flowers soon.

My NFB kit is on its way today! UPS usually delivers our packages to my in-law’s house and they are the last delivery of the day. So…around five, I may mosey on over there to get it. I don’t think I can wait until dh gets home.

Tonight’s menu: Pasta bake!

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