And so it goes

Dec 24th

As we were climbing into bed last night, I said,

“I’m looking forward to going to bed tomorrow night.”

It’s an exhausting time of year for musicians everywhere.  We have cantatas to sing, concerts to rehearse, and our own families to take care of.  I only had one additional gig outside of the St. John Christmas Eve service, so I consider myself lucky.  Instrumentalists are never as lucky as singers, but that’s why they get paid the big bucks, right?

I never really know what’s in store for the Christmas Eve service until a couple of weeks before the big day, but I do know that it usually involves these things:

  • A solo of some sort
  • A chance to wear a diva dress
  • A late and highly stressful dress rehearsal that runs well into the night of Christmas Eve Eve

This year is not much different, though I’m forgoing the diva dress because I’m performing a duet instead of a solo.  I am certainly not disappointed since only one of my diva dresses fit right now anyway.  Approximately three months of sick children and the subsequent eating of too much takeout have done a number on my already sagging postpartum waistline.  I have hopes of reclaiming my body, God willing, but I’m resorting to yoga pants and avoiding mirrors/photo opportunities.

I don’t know why I think that the final dress will be less stressful than previous years.  We didn’t have a major piece to learn this year, so I was really hoping that we would actually get out of rehearsal on time last night; rehearsal was scheduled to last until 9:30 p.m. but we didn’t leave until 10:00.  I owe that in part to the chamber choir rehearsal not going as well as it could have at 5:45, so we stayed “after school” to pound out the Poulenc “O Magnum Mysterium”.  Of course, at this point, everyone was exhausted and grumpy, ready to get home, and pretty much tired of being around one another.  It sounded ok, though, and I think that with some rethinking of formation, it’ll come out nicely.

Today, as I look forward to the Lessons & Carols, I also look forward to being a wreck at the end of the night.  I look forward to carrying our sleeping children into the house at 1:00 a.m.  I look forward to removing my makeup, donning some snuggly pajamas, and crashing into a dreamless sleep.

The best part about a Methodist Christmas Eve service that ends at midnight?


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