Angel Pocket Donations

Dec 16th

There is a lot of heaviness in the blog world today, and while this isn’t directly related, I have been meaning to post this request for knitters to donate Angel Pockets.  One of my readers wrote:

recently I lost my baby boy who was still born at full term.  we had a fantastic experience with the care we recieved afterwards and have collected some money to provide packages for other angel babies which include fluffy blanket, teddy bear, footprint cast set, camera, bracelet for mummy and baby, outfit.

the bereavement room looks after babies who die after 16 weeks, and i cannot find outfits small enough.  would you consider donating any angel pockets for us to give to the hospital?

You can find the pattern for Angel Pockets here.  Please ship them to:

Angel Pockets Donation
c/o Elizabeth Grant
1232 Grant Rd
Harlem, GA  30814

Once I have collected enough to fill a box, I will be sending them to her to donate to the hospital.

Thank you.

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