Ew, puke

Jun 22nd

Around five o’clock this morning, the baby was grunting around in the bed and just plain having a hard time keeping still. He was asleep, but too noisy for me to sleep through all his grunting. So I picked him up and started walking him around the bedroom to see if he had to burp. About that same time I noticed that ds2 was in the bed with us and also feeling restless. He slid out of the bed and stood on dh’s side whining a little.

Then he started to heave. I woke up dh and told him he was about to puke, so he grabbed him up and carried him to the bathroom. Thankfully, we have an adjoining bathroom, so it was a quick trip. My poor little guy was hurling into the toilet like a pro, though. Usually kids freak out when they have to vomit, but he was grabbing the seat for dear life. The only mess dh had to clean up was the trail from the bedroom to the bathroom.

I don’t know why he was getting sick, but hopefully, that will be the only incident. He’s now sitting on the couch sipping apple juice & watching Sesame Street. I’m not letting him have milk until I know his stomach is settled.

This morning I found out that a couple people I met at the LLL meeting have a playgroup that meets on Thursdays. They invited me to their yahoo group and I’m really looking forward to going (if I can go next week). We’re short on money and already have to make an extra trip into town tonight for my brother-in-law’s birthday cookout. I may have to decide between the choir party tomorrow night and playgroup. I know everyone in the church choir wants me to go so I can show off the baby, but he’s starting to get into a good sleeping routine at night that I don’t think I want to mess up. I hate decisions like this.

I was planning on running this morning, but I was still dog tired by 7:00. The baby hadn’t slept well since the 5:00 incident, wasn’t hungry, and dh was too tired to watch him if I wanted to go. Maybe tomorrow. My arms are a little sore from the yoga I did yesterday. I felt like such a wuss cause I could barely hold half plank. Abs? What abs? One day I’ll have them back. One day. The good news is that I found another pair of jeans that fit in my sea of ill-fitting clothes. I keep finding all these size 9 jeans that I stashed away after I lost weight last summer. And I thought I got rid of all my “fat jeans.”

We lost a fish overnight. I had a feeling it wasn’t going to make it despite our bold effort to change the water and add some nitraban. We’re now down to 4 orange & 1 black fish. This means we really need to go fish shopping soon. I also need to call around and see if there are any other pet stores in the area that carry the filter cartridge we need. Petsmart stopped carrying it so I had to buy one online last time. We just got a Petco, though, and I haven’t checked the other specialty fish stores.

On the list of things to do today:

  • NAP

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