Dec 1st

At the moment, I’m doing a happy dance in my brain because I was a good little housekeeper this weekend. I washed all the curtains in the living room! I’m happy about it because right now I have the windows open and the breeze is blowing the curtains all around. If I hadn’t washed them, the wind would also be blowing lots of dust around, so hooray for no dust!

I wish everyone could have seen how pretty it was to have all the lace curtains hanging on the clothesline on Saturday. It was idyllic.

Here’s a Simon update: he has SIX TEETH. Another one mysteriously popped in last week sometime, but I’m not sure when. He is also getting pretty good at rolling and scooting himelf around in a circle if one of his spoons if out of reach. Spoons are his favorite toys! And cups! Who needs baby toys? I have tons that are not awesome because they are not spoons or cups.

Even though he loves to play with spoons, he is not eating big people food yet. I’m waiting until he can master his little pinchers & pick stuff up. These days, he’ll try to get the thumb & forefinger going, but his frustration gets the best of him and he ends up smacking the little pieces of food around instead. He’ll probably be good at it in a few weeks & then I’ll have to go to the store for avacados & sweet potatoes & mangos, oh my!

And you know, Simon is now outweighing on of his 13 month old cousins. Way to be fat and squishy!

Aiden’s two favorite movies right now are “Milo & Otis” and “Harry Potter.” We have had the Harry Potter movie for years and I still have not seen it from start to finish. How lame is that? I’ve also never read the books, so don’t hate.

I need some serious cash flow. Jamie has a couple things on his list that are super-expensive and I wish wish wish I could get him those things, but I can’t and it makes me sad.


I have work to do.

OH YEAH! Look what I’m trying to make for one of the ladies at church who had her baby over a month ago and I still owe her a baby shower gift…BUNNY HAT!!

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