Household stuff

Jul 12th

The baby must’ve nursed all night last night cause I’m exhausted! Plus my boobs were practically deflated instead of slightly engorged like they usually are.

The living room is almost other-people’s-kids-proof. I spent as much time as I could picking the little things up that can get into toddlers’ mouths, making neat piles of random shit, and trying to dust. DH is supposed to finish cutting the grass this evening so they can play outside without fear of grasshoppers & spiders. Speaking of spiders, I’ve been avoiding the clothesline because spiders like to build webs on it. To use my sister’s words, my environmental conscience is battling my severe dislike of spiders. Why does the world have to have spiders anyway?

We only have two fish left now. The smallest of the two, which incidentally was the smallest of all the fish, is now chasing its last companion around the tank. I’m pretty sure it’s trying to kill it. I’ve resigned myself to starting over completely with one fish. We had to special order filter cartridges from the internet because PetsMart no longer carries the one we bought last year. I hate that jank.

Here is some happy pet news: Lucy is still fat and clumsy. She runs laps around the kitchen table when it’s time for me to feed her. I’m thinking that if I waited long enough, she may actually get some exercise. We switched her to the senior formula because we realized that she is as old as our marriage. I’m pretty sure Gwennie’s even older. Neither cat is as old as my mom’s cat, though. and SHE’S OLDER THAN GOD.

You know, I dusted the bookshelves & faerie figurines yesterday and now there’s a brand-new layer of dust all over. What gives? I guess I should actually vacuum-dust with the Rainbow instead of trying to use one of those pansy-ass Swiffer dusters.

All in good time.

One more household thing:

I’ve moved all the laundry into the laundry room. I’m declaring the master bath & bedroom a Laundry-free Zone because I’m sick of the garden tub turning into the world’s largest laundry basket. I doubt I will ever get dh not to leave at least one pair of pants & socks on the floor by the bed, but at least the bathroom will be presentable. Right? Right.

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