Baby Poop Disaster

Sep 3rd

Hoo Lordy.  I was all set to give Timothy a bath this afternoon.  Here’s how I usually do bathtime:

  1. Put baby bath tub in kitchen sink
  2. Fill bath tub with water and organic lavender baby wash
  3. Get towel and washcloth ready
  4. Undress Timothy on the changing table
  5. Give Timothy a bath

Sounds easy enough, right?  I did things a little backward, though, and I undressed Timothy before filling up the tub.  I figured that since it only takes a minute for it to fill, what’s the harm in standing in the kitchen with a naked baby?  What I did not factor in was the fact that Timothy had not pooped yesterday, so he was due for a major dump within the next 48 hours.  I thought surely he would not poop on the floor while the tub was filling.


Pooping on the kitchen floor is exactly what he did.  I guess it could have been worse.  I could have been holding him with my hand on his rear instead of in a cradled position with his rear pointing toward the floor.  Or I could have had him sitting on my hip facing out.  I am thankful that he was positioned perfectly so that all the poop made it to the floor and that I did not end up with a handful of poop.

But wait!  There’s more!

When the tub was full and I was (stupidly) sure that Timothy was done pooping on the floor, I stuck him in the water so I could grab a towel from the drawer by the sink in order to clean up the poop.  I knelt down, swiped up the poop with the towel, and got up to quickly toss the towel into the laundry room.  I heard grunting though, and thought surely he would not poop in the bath tub, too.


Sure enough, there was baby poop swirling around in the lavender bubbles, and Timothy was just splashing away in it.  I had to get him out, wrap him in a towel, and immediately dump out the poop water (no pun intended).  We ran to get a clean towel for Timothy’s second bath, then came back to spray out the tub with the kitchen sink sprayer thinger.  I waited a few extra minutes before putting Timothy into a fresh bath so I could be extra double super sure he was done pooping.

Thankfully, he was, and now he smells like flowers.

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