Jan 22nd

Have I mentioned that I have fabulous friends?  If I haven’t, then I shall surely sing their praises now.  One of them noticed on my blog that I have been in the market for a new diaper bag.  Last night after choir rehearsal, they presented me with this glorious specimen of diaper bag gloriousness:

No more diaper bag giveaways for me!!  I’m now the proud owner of this beautiful Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack and I could NOT be happier.  I wanted to bring it to bed with me last night and snuggle it, but I don’t think Jamie would’ve appreciated that.  Here is what I adore about this bag:

  • Detachable dirty diaper pouch  (a must for cloth diapers!!)
  • Built-in changing station with detachable changing pad (note: DETACHABLE=WASHABLE)
  • Handy key clip (I am constantly losing my keys in the bottom of my purse & old diaper bag)
  • Backpack and shoulder straps

The last feature is especially wonderful since I will need to have both of my hands completely free to wrangle all four of my kids when we are out shopping.  Not that it will keep the kids from running in and out of the clothing racks at Goodwill or tearing down the aisles after their favorite cereals at the grocery store, but it certainly might help in parking lots when I need both hands to grab the inevitable runaway shopping cart or toddler.

I want to cry whenever I look at my new bag because it is just SO PRETTY.

I love you Beth & Mary Ann!!

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