Because I’m tired: A List

Dec 27th
  • We survived a total of six Christmases without bloodshed, tears, or screaming (not counting Christmas Eve or the dress rehearsal)
  • The boys declared this the “best Christmas ever”
  • SNOW!!
  • Jamie tried to sing “White Christmas” while I took a video of Scraps examining snow for the first time and he couldn’t get through it
  • Under his breath, Aiden said, “He really is real” when I showed him and his brothers the picture of Santa we “caught”
  • I’m going to San Diego!! *

*Really! I have airfare booked and everything.  I leave in less than two weeks!!  I also have some brand new purple Zumba clothes that I want to wear tonight but am not sure if I’ll just look like a total dork.


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