Beware! (now with “pattern”)

Sep 18th

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I was inspired by the cute microbe plushies at to create my own little guy.

Say hello to Sam O’Nella!

He was easy to knit and he’s super fun to play with. My kids love him!

Here’s a lame tutorial:

Yarn: any scraps you’ve got lying around in white/cream (MC) for the body & red/pink (CC) for the flagellum

Needles: US Size 4

Gauge: not too important since it’s a toy, but just remember that bigger needles will produce a bigger toy


CO 6 st with MC, divide between needles and join for working in the round
Round 1: kfb in every st, 12 st
Round 2: k all sts
Round 3: *kfb, k1* to end of round, 18 sts

Cont in st st until your microbe is as long as you desire. At this point, embroider eyes & stuff to firmness desired.

Dec Round 1: *ssk, k1* to end of round, 12 sts
Round 2: k all sts
Round 3: *ssk* to end of round, 6 sts

Break yarn leaving an 18″ tail & stuff a little more if desired. Draw yarn through rem sts & pull tight. Make a tiny knot near the top & hide yarn inside your microbe’s body.

Flagellum (make as many as desired)

Co 2 st in CC & knit an i-cord

I knit mine about 4 in long, but you can make them however long or short you want!


Sew flagellum on the microbe’s body as shown in the picture or wherever you want. Be creative!

Enjoy playing with your microbe–at least you don’t have to wash your hands afterward.

This pattern is free to use and distribute to knitting groups, but donations are always welcome.

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