Apr 1st

Today was Willow’s last day in physical therapy. I’m incredibly happy because she’s reached her age-based milestones. I’m sad because Willow is going to miss “Miss Susan” so, so much. Susan has been part of our family. We saw Susan once a week since Willow was six months old and it took quite a while for her to adjust to the schedule.


In the beginning, Susan came to our house for PT. This was when Willow wasn’t sitting up, rolling over, and threw a tantrum if she was placed on her tummy. Needless to say, the first several months of PT was a veritable hell for all of us. Willow cried when Susan came over. I hid in the bedroom while they tried to work, but little progress was made. Then we tried having Susan meet us at the Y while I taught a class. That was incredibly beneficial. Taking Willow out of my lap helped her open up to Susan. While Willow was used to the nursery staff at the Y, having Susan come in was a great relief for her.


Willow got her first pair of AFOs soon into her PT. While the actual process of getting the AFOs (casting, etc.) was sad for Willow, she thrived. At 21 months, Willow finally started walking on her own.

Now she’s running, jumping, climbing, and doing all the things every three-year-old should be doing.

Running! from Lizzie Grant on Vimeo.

Willow is going to miss Susan. I’m going to miss Susan. But we promised Willow that we would all get together soon to go play at the park. I mean, Willow’s known Susan all her life. We can’t just let go.

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