Blog Popz! Summer Solstice Edition

Jun 22nd

Blog Popz! Summer Solstice Edition

What are Blog Popz?

A blog award. A blogger recognition program. A virtual version of the lollipops you gave in school to friends and admirers. Each color represents a different theme. Get popz from authorized candy stores, receive them from admirers, and register your pop for a chance to win fantastic prizes for distributing and receiving the most popz.

How do I give a Blog Pop?

Go to the store of the pop you want to give and follow the directions on that site.

“Yours is one of my favorite blogs.”

Fav! Pop Store: Cool Baby Kid

“Your blog is cute.”

Cute Pop Store: From Dates to Diapers

“I love your blog.”

Love Pop Store: The Not-So-Blog Blog

“You’re a great blog friend.”

Friend Pop Store: Ohana Mama

“Thanks for being a blog mentor.”

Mentor Pop Store: Suzy Q Homemaker

“You’re a blog star!”

Star Pop Store: Life Starring the Kids & Me

I received a pop. Now what?

If you’re lucky enough to receive a pop, proudly display it on your site. Reciprocate if you’d like, and don’t forget to register your pop for a chance to win prizes.

Why should I register my pop?

Registering your pop is the only way to win *Summer Solstice* prizes. Complete the short form below for each pop you give and receive to increase your chances of winning. The two biggest poppers will receive first choice of prizes along with the most popped in each category. If you receive a pop it must be displayed on your site to be eligible to win.

* Complete the Blog Popz Giver Form if you gave a pop.
* Complete the Blog Popz Receiver Form if you received a pop.
* Check current standings anytime on the Popz Standings & FAQ page.

Blog Popz *Summer Solstice* Edition Prizes

Prize Package #1:

New Native Baby Carrier
Prima Princessa Children’s Ballet DVD
Miss Wit 80’s “Small Town Girl” Onesie

Prize Package #2:

$30 Bebeclaire Jewelry Gift Certificate
Prima Princessa Children’s Ballet DVD
Kaboost Chair Booster sponsored by Citymommy

Mentor Pop Candy Store

Suzy Q Homemaker is your source for the Mentor! pop to give to all the bloggers you admire. Complete any one of the following to “buy” your pop (grab the code.) Once you complete all five you can give unlimited pops without leaving more comments!

 Blog Popz Blogger Recognition, find out who has the most popular blog, cute blog, your favorite blog and who are great blog friends

1. Blog about Blog Popz including the prizes. Leave a comment below with the post link.

2. Subscribe to Suzy Q Homemaker and leave the comment “I’m a subscriber.”

4.  Share this post using the button at the end of this post leaving the comment “I shared” with the name of your blog.

5. Twitter about Blog Popz, ask for a RT and include “@terpsichore” . Say “I tweeted!”

If you have any questions or would like to donate a prize for future editions, check the FAQ page or contact Baby Kid Blogs.  Blog Popz *Summer Solstiace* would like to thank a special friend, the talented Gisele Jaquenod for all of the fantastic popz banners.

Check Current Blog Popz Standings

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