blogging in bed: gatherings thoughts

Aug 30th

I’m trying to get a little down time in before the kids get home. Timothy is napping (I think) and I’m holed up in the bedroom exploring pinterest for holiday/party ideas. This is difficult to do for only one reason:

It’s all about food.

Let me back up by explaining something. I posted on Facebook last night about a blessingway ceremony. Whether or not anyone would even want to do that is really not my concern. I’ve opted out of a formal baby shower (at least I think most people know I really don’t want one). The social pressure that comes from attending and being the main focus of a shower makes me highly uncomfortable. I’ve done it before. The games are dumb, I have to talk to people I may not want to talk to, and then everyone has to sit around and watch me open a buttload of gifts. I just don’t want it. A really nice friend of mine has been sweet enough to take my anxiety into account and organize an online shower for me. I like it. I can sit around in my pajamas all day, read nice things people may write in the guest book, and open gifts later should anyone choose to get the baby something. Granted, I’m not expecting much since I’m the worst gift-giver in the world…we’ll talk about that another day since it has to do with forgetfulness and stuff.

Anyway, the blessingway would be more private–like really good friends, female family, and I get to approve the guest list. It’s not that I don’t like all the people in my life. I do! I really do! I just don’t want to be forced to talk to all of you IN ONE DAY. That’s too much pressure.

Then there’s the food. With a shower, everyone kind of expects cake and cute little pastel treats, appetizers trotted out from old family recipes that involve pounds of white pastry flour, sugar, and butter. It all sounds lovely and looks adorable on those pinterest boards. But I can’t eat it. Being at any party right now is the most depressing thing ever. I went to a wedding recently where I ate five plates of vegetables and cheese while sitting right next to a pasta bar. I allowed myself a smidgen of Melba toast and left before the cake.

I think what I’m trying to get at here is that I want to avoid social eating for the duration of my pregnancy unless it involves a diabetic-friendly menu. Not everything in life can be so simple since I have to attend my first choir rehearsal of the season next week–a rehearsal which is really a party in disguise since it’s at someone’s house where everyone has been invited to bring their favorite DESSERT. At least I’m getting paid to drool over a table full of forbidden food while I’m the only one in the room not eating and guzzling wine…but anyway. If any parties should swing my way, you can guarantee I won’t be happy about it unless there’s like a pile of meat I can eat or a table laden with 100% whole grain everything plus all the protein it takes to exchange those carbs. And absolutely, positively, no cake unless it’s sugar free.

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