Book Awards II: Another challenge!

Jul 4th

I decided to sign up for the Book Awards Reading Challenge. The goal is to read 10 award-winning books in 10 months, starting August 1. I think it’s manageable. It’s good to have a goal!

Here are some books I’ve been meaning to read that qualify:

  1. The Life of Pi
  2. The Road
  3. Schindler’s List

Wow. That list is shorter than I thought. I’ll have to seriously peruse the lists. I spent a little time scanning them for titles I’d heard of but not yet read. There were several that I had read and don’t feel like rereading. So…I’ve got a little work ahead of me!

I’m still waiting on some books to arrive via bookmooch for the What an Animal! Challenge. Also, I got my giant box o’ books today!! I’m sooo excited.

Any other good challenges out there that I should sign up for? Let me know!

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