The Book on Potty-Learning

Jun 26th

This picture never fails to make me laugh. Aiden and Corey were both 3+ when they finally got the hang of the potty. In part, it was because we were all in school of some sort and I really didn’t have the time to devote to it when we were home.

Simon, however, is a potty genius! Ok, not really. But he’s certainly learning a lot sooner & faster than the older boys did. Want to know my secrets? Do ya?

1. Put the potty in whatever living space you spend the most time. For us, it’s in the living room. The bathroom is totally boring and I know I don’t want to spend half my day sitting in there waiting for him to do his business. And since Simon isn’t into magazines, the television is a good way for him to relax and, um, let it go.

2. Tank ’em up! I keep refilling Simon with as much juice/milk/water as he wants. I think you get the idea.

3. Accept that there will be messes to clean up. Keep a supply of towels on hand to mop up puddles. Simon already knows where to get them and will sometimes be seen walking around with one to go clean up his own mess.

4. Have a reward. We do the “Potty Dance.” If he succeeds, everyone in the family stops what they are doing to sing the song and do the dance. Make up your own–it’s more fun that way. Jamie’s version is a variation of the “Peanut Butter Jelly Time” as sung by Brian on “Family Guy.”

I wish that I was brave enough to go out in public without diapers, but we are really close to being potty-learned at home & Mimi’s. Of course, Simon spends most of the day half nude, so that helps, too.

The only sadness I feel now is that for my supply of cloth diapers! We were mostly a prefolds & wool family, so I haven’t lost much. He still gets bundled up at night. Our prefolds are all fraying, though, and the wool is starting to get too small. My consolation is that I bought & traded for a couple cute trainers to put him in when we’re out & about.

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