Break Time

Jun 5th

My goal this week is to stop bleeding. I’ve pretty much overdone it these past four weeks and now I need to take a break. The food parade from church is over, so I’m not expecting any company. This will make it easier for me not to vacuum almost every day and make myself crazy with all the picking up after the kids. It’s been nice having the house so clean, but the fact that I’m still bleeding after four weeks worries me a little. It’s not heavy, but it’s still red. That’s enough to make me realize I need to slow down.

This weekend I fashioned a sling out of a few yards of t-shirt fabric I had in the craft corner. I wore the baby when we were shopping yesterday and a group of girls asked me about it in the checkout line. I was excited to be asked about babywearing, but a little disappointed because I didn’t have any business cards (I ordered them yesterday).

I’m really excited about getting all my materials this week for my business. I’m anxious to get started! There are so many things that I want to get for myself, but I have to wait until I actually start making a little money from this thing. I wonder if I can do online parties. That way someone who doesn’t live around here can be the virtual hostess and earn some discounts. Now I just need to investigate how to do that…

DS1 is supposed to be cleaning his room right now so we can make tents. This is turning out to be a tedious process because he got out his giant box of papers from kindergarten. It was practically overflowing to begin with, so now he’s going through them to see which ones he wants to keep.

There are toys all over the living room and I don’t care.

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