But he was just born!

Aug 9th

Simon’s name, originally uploaded by sheandaru.

Dear Ms. Gamlin,

Simon is our third son and he is terribly sweet. He is four years old and he has a huge imagination. He likes dressing up and playing make-believe games, as well as being read to, making music, dancing, watching TV and playing video games. You will most likely see his dancing come out when he is excited. His favorite make-believe games are playing Harry Potter, acting like Indiana Jones, playing chef, and acting like various super heroes. His music comes out not only through experimenting with the different instruments that we have around the house, but also through making up his own songs. He recently taught himself to snap and to do cartwheels. Simon, you will surely notice pretty soon, has a very mischievous smile that will make you believe that he is up to something. The chances are: he is. We hope you have fun with Simon this year in pre-k. He is very excited about riding the bus and going to “his school”.


Mr. & Mrs. Grant

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