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Aug 11th

August is bittersweet in our family.  I’ll post more on this later in the month.  Today, though, I want to share with all my fellow crafters the opportunity to help a family in need of support.  I heard of this cause through a blog I read, who read it on Dude Craft.

From the mother:

“Killian is facing the reality of the end of his journey in this body. He continues to fight, HARD, but his body is failing. We are making plans…preparing to celebrate his extraordinary life. We have no details or additional information (Killian is LIVING each day), but would like your help in this process.

We are asking Killian’s friends, family, community…anyone who is willing and able to make origami cranes (any and all sizes, colors, materials.) We are going to need 1,000…2,000…3,000 cranes… as many as can be made, to include in his celebration. Read the legend of the 1,000 cranes at Killian loves this story. Here is a website with clear crane folding instructions:

I ask that you spread the word far and wide…let him feel the power of the cranes, of the collective paper folding…. Also, I ask for discretion and to please have these delivered only to my attention (not the family) to:

Cat Cooke
c/o The Mansfield’s
PO Box 10
West Shokan, NY 12494 “

I can’t promise to make any cranes myself, but if you can, please do this for Killian’s family.  Or at least spread the word to other crafters you know.  This would make a great family project, too.  Just look at all the cranes made so far.

(Japanese school children dedicate their contribution of origami cranes at the Sadako memorial in Hiroshima.)

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