Dapper Snappers!!

Oct 24th
Simon NEEDS this.  How genius was the person who came up with Dapper Snappers?  If I don’t win some for myself from Mommy’s Idea, I am seriously considering buying some anyway.  I mean, Simon is 2 and the only pants that really fit his skinny behind are size 18 months!  The 24 month sizes fall right off and he’s always walking around straight up gangsta.  It doesn’t help that most pants in that size are still made for diapered children.  Since Simon’s in big boy underpants, he has no padding to hold up his pants (not to mention the disease he inherited from his Pops–NASSITALL).

Health update:  Everyone is healed and back to normal around here.  I got over The Stomach Thing fairly quickly.  In fact, by the end of the day on Tuesday, I was craving buffalo wings and not caring what they might have done to my convalescing digestive tract.

For the record, I’m still craving buffalo wings and when we saw a commercial for a chicken sandwich dipped in buffalo sauce last night, I turned to Jamie with stars in my eyes.  If I was a cartoon, I would have had floating hearts coming out of my head.  I’d have to request ranch instead of bleu cheese, though.  Cause that’s just how I roll.

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