Don’t look, mom!

Feb 5th

My mother is jealous of my orchid-blooming skillz.  In all honesty, though, this orchid is one from a long line of orchids that I have tried to rebloom over the years.  I have killed numerous plants before I finally figured out what keeps mine alive.  My well water is high in sulfur and lots of other minerals, so it’s really great for watering all my houseplants.  I also just use sphagnum moss instead of an “orchid mix” for potting.  I’m a lazy waterer, but my orchids are forgiving.  This one that my sister bought for me a couple years ago is the only one I’ve successfully re-bloomed twice a year.  I do have a small orchid Jamie bought for me for Mother’s Day last year that is spiking, and in a few weeks, I hope to see some blooms!  In the meantime, when it’s cold and rainy outside like it is today, I have something pretty to look at.

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