eGift Social makes gift certificates easier!

Dec 20th

In all honesty, I am not a huge fan of giving gift certificates because I find them to be impersonal.  But I love getting them!  It’s hard to be creative when giving gift cards because one can only disguise the card by wrapping it in endless amounts of wrapping paper or boxes within boxes.  When you want to give a gift certificate quickly, though, say for a friend across the country or if you just want to give someone a little something to make them smile, I think that using eGift Social makes it simple.

The concept:

The new eGift Social makes it easy to send a gift when on the road or in a hurry. And a simple code that can be redeemed at any location means your recipient can pull up their activation code on their phone or online to use no matter where they live.

What I love is that you can connect your eGift account to facebook and send gift codes to any of your friends either through facebook or email.  Say someone is having a hard day and you think a treat from Coldstone would cheer them up (I know it would cheer me up!).  Simply log in, choose your gift, choose your friend, and they’ll instantly receive your sweet gesture.  These are real gifts!  You can actually choose a specific thing from Coldstone to give like a creation or a shake.  From Sephora, you can give certificates or fancy makeup.

I got to try eGift and received a code for Sephora.  Redeeming the code was easy.  You can print out the code to take it into the store, but I am currently out of printer ink.  So I pulled up my code on my phone, showed it to the kind lady in Sephora, and was on my merry way with a cute to go size Philosophy Hope in a Jar which I can’t wait to try.

Check out eGift Social on facebook so you can learn more about sending those last minute gifts!

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of First Data and received an eGift gift card to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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