Eight Months and on the Move

Dec 17th

I can’t believe it’s been a month since I was whining about Timothy not having any teeth and whatnot.  We spent the better part of last month dealing with illness and other family matters, but it hasn’t slowed us down.  Oh, no–Timothy is doing everything he can to remind us how much we still need to re-baby-proof our house.  Jamie’s records need a new home since he probably doesn’t want teeth marks in the vinyl.  There’s also a selection of books on the bottom of our shelf that keeps getting pulled out.

Hold up: TEETH!

Well, tooth.

Timothy grew a tooth.  Just one for now.  We can see that the other one wants to come in, too, but right now he just has the one and it’s pretty cute.  I like babies with snaggle teeth, don’t you?  In case you’re wondering if he has bitten me yet, the answer is yes.  But that was when he was sick and had an ear infection.  You know how your ears get all clogged and clenching your jaw helps pop them?  That’s what he was doing.  Since babies don’t use their teeth when nursing, and he’s all better now, it’s not a problem anymore.

Food-wise, he’s still not interested.  I let him have a taste of applesauce and he was so not liking it.  He did that crazy shiver with the yuck face like I had tried to stick a spoonful of boogers or castor oil in his face.  I don’t think he’s starving or missing out on anything yet, though–after all, he does weigh like twenty pounds…or more.

Finally, on Saturday, Timothy spied a remote control on the floor.  This pushed him from the world of rolling for transportation to the world of CRAWLING.  I dug out the baby gate and have cluttered up the shelves with even more Things Timothy Tried to Eat.  He’s really good at finding Legos, by the way.  And beans.  And rocks.

I leave you with this short cell phone video of Timothy making his way across the living room.  He likes to crawl with his mouth hanging open and I wish this clip was clear enough to see it.  Oh well.  Maybe Santa will bring me a better digital video camera (HINT HINT).

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