For Dewey

Nov 25th

I wanted to participate in Wordless Wednesday today, and I wanted to post this picture, but I couldn’t post it without words.  For one, it’s been a year since I lost her.  Yes, I lost her.  I lost my friend.  I lost my hippie, knitting, reading, natural parenting, red wine drinking, French-speaking friend.  I lost Dewey, a leader in the book blogging community and a leader in my own circle of friends.  She was the glue that held many internet communities together.  We all miss her and I bet she’s laughing her ass of because she didn’t know she would be so badly missed.


Just kidding–you know I love you more than anything.  And here’s a picture of my “nightstand”.  One cannot have a normal piece of furniture in our house without a book of some sort on top (or an orchid).  That’s just the way it is.  And I’m sure you can relate.  Ten points to the person who can name even one book from this picture.

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