Aug 6th

Friday, Jamie’s cousin had her baby so I’ve been worried to the point of exhaustion. Can’t go into any details, but she’s been trying and that is one small victory.

Saturday, we had three events: my sister’s older set of twins turned 4, then there was a baby shower, then Jamie’s family reunion. I was happy that all three were in relatively close proximity, with the last even down the street from our house. It helps that most of the road is family.

At the reunion, I was distressed for a baby who clearly wanted to nurse, but his mama told him, “Sorry, baby, there’s nothing there anymore!” I’d say the baby was no more than 10 months old. 🙁

We were all instructed to take home leftovers and my SIL joked saying, “If you have any baby formula, I’ll take that, cause that stuffs expensive!” I’m fairly sure I smirked and looked away.

I had a good conversation yesterday with Jamie’s cousin when I went to visit her at the hospital again. She’s never really known my parenting beliefs and why I’m usually quiet around family. It was just us in the room so we were able to talk without other people offering their opinions about baby stuff. It’s amazing how many people become baby experts the minute a newborn starts crying. We also talked about homeschooling and why I chose to stay at home after Simon was born. She was surprised she didn’t know we were going to homeschool, but I told her that I don’t talk about it because Jamie’s mom and I have had our differences on the subject. I’d rather just avoid talking about it if I’m going to have to defend it.

I made sure to tell her how proud I was of her for wanting to breastfeed. Cause I really am.

So many babies are being born these days, that it’s SO HARD not to want to jump on the baby train! I’ll wait though. We don’t need another May baby. Like that’s a good reason not to get pregnant right now. Ha.

Simon has been a mess the past week. His canines were coming in and then with all the running around we’ve been doing, it’s been cling city. I couldn’t even walk up to the pizza buffet at lunch the other day without him crying. Plus he’s been nursing at least three or four times at night. It’s exhausting. This morning, though, I vowed to try and give him some cereal in the mornings. The way I see it, if I give him breakfast everyday, I’m more likely to eat breakfast too.

I have no idea what I want to accomplish today.

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