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Mar 10th

Yesterday, I went down to the pond to see if I could take a picture of the four ducks that took up residence last week. I want to know what kind they are! When I got down there, though, I scared them away.

I had Corey go get some stale bread from the kitchen so we could feed the fish, when a familiar face came to say hello! I saw both Bubba and Butch out in the middle when I got there, but only Butch comes around to snack on the bread that we toss out for them. I’m glad that they’re still alive and well in (what we just named) Two Turtle Pond.

Of course, now that we named it Two Turtle Pond, there are three turtles in there! I spied a baby turtle in the distance before we went inside. I think it’s the one I rescued from the side of our road four years ago. I tried to wait around for it to show up so I could get its picture, but it was too shy and Simon was really tired of standing there.

All this pond business made me have dreams about our pond last night. In my dream, Aiden decided that he wanted to go for a swim in the pond. So he did! I’m sure there was more to it, but I really can’t remember anymore. Wow, that was a lot more boring than I meant it to be.

Today, we’re taking it easy. I’m trying to catch up on laundry, which is getting easier now that I’ve enlisted Corey’s help with putting away things like towels and (GASP!) his OWN CLOTHES! He whines and complains the whole time, but I’ve had to learn to ignore it. I seriously cannot wash, fold, and put away clothes for five people. I mean, I can. But I don’t want to.

I discovered last night that in the evenings, I need to just sit on the floor and let Simon have free access to me. He wants to play, but within no more than a 2-foot radius of my lap. That way, every five seconds he can touch me and make sure I’m still there. This also makes it easier for his two hour Cluster-Nursing Marathon. He’s starting to care less about where he is when he’s nursing. As an example, I nursed him through half of Corey’s play the other night. And it was LOUD in there. This only applies to evening nursies, though. During the day, he likes to pop on and off if there are interesting people in the room.

I think I have to thaw out some salmon for dinner. Last night’s Shepherd’s Pie was delicious, by the way. Jamie says it’s one of his favorite things that I make. Even though I just had a quesadilla about 30 minutes ago, I think I’ll have some leftovers for an afternoon snack.

Why do I still eat like I’m pregnant?

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