From waiting to more waiting

May 20th

First off, I’ll state the obvious: Willow is freaking adorable in her new glasses!  I’ve been bowling people over everywhere I go.  Even the nurse at her pediatrician’s office was practically shrieking, “I CAN’T STAND IT!” because she was so overwhelmed with the cuteness.  I don’t think it’ll ever get old.

It turns out she is extremely farsighted and that’s what was causing her eyes to cross.  The entire day we spent at the eye doctor was terribly long, though, and we almost walked out without any answers.  See, when we got there, I checked in, waited in the waiting room, saw the resident, then waited some more for the doctor.  By the time the doctor got there, Willow was asleep.  She almost sent us on our way saying that Willow was a little too young for refraction, but I insisted we dilate her eyes and try to get a reading.  When Willow finally woke up (fully dilated and confused as hell), the doctor thanked me several times for being insistent.  Had we waited six months, who knows how much she would have missed!

All the other appointments and evaluations are done.  We’ll go back to neurology in about six months because he wasn’t interested in running any tests as yet.  Willow is only a month behind in her gross motor skills and has some low tone in her trunk.  What we’re hoping is that with a little PT, she’ll strengthen right up and now that she can see, some of those skills will right themselves as she becomes more and more interested in what’s going on around her.

For now, I grab brief moments of tummy time on the yoga ball because she hates it anywhere else.  I keep her from teething on the glasses when she’s bored.  And I squish her chubby cheeks.  Just cause.

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