Apr 26th

I’ve been in a rather funky mood ever since church last night. After a scare when Simon almost fell down some stairs I’ve been rather out of it. Plus, Aiden’s been testing my patience and I have to struggle to keep control of my temper. I forgot how difficult age 4 can be (Aiden will be 4 at the end of May).

I should have washed diapers yesterday, but I got behind on the regular laundry and had to wash socks instead. My house reeked of bleach all day because boys have disgusting feet and I was tired of looking at the orange clay-stained soles of Aiden’s socks. Today I need to strip my prefolds once the regular cycle is finished.

Monday is too far away. I promised myself that I wouldn’t leave the house unless absolutely necessary because it’s getting hot. Driving around without A/C seems a little cruel to me, and Corey whines about being hot even if I have all the windows down and the vents at full blast. The heat of the van is also causing some funky moods around here, too.

I need to do something to make myself feel better.

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