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Aug 1st

Dewey sure is a lucky girl! She wins the lace bookmark from July’s giveaway. Ok, ok, she was the only one who entered (AGAIN). I had a few nice comments with links to pictures, but no actual links to blog posts. I’m still trying to think of a theme and prize for this month’s giveaway; details will be posted in the next couple weeks.

See that camera? I found that at the Goodwill the other day while we were wasting time between the doctor’s office and lunch. It’s in really great condition! The boys really enjoy it because of all the animal pictures that you can look at (kind of like a viewmaster), and I enjoy (laughing at) it because the families in the pictures are sooooooo 70’s. The dads are wearing jackets and ties at the zoo!

I don’t think I’ve formally announced the return to public school on this blog yet. We’ve had a lot of heart-t0-heart conversations about what’s best for our family and that is what we decided. Homeschooling was fun, we really enjoyed the time that we shared, and I have the deepest respect for other homeschool families. It’s just not for us.

With that being said, Aiden is STOKED to start kindergarten. He’s been counting the days down on the calendar and telling everyone that he is “so excited” about school. When we signed him up yesterday, he practically did backflips. My sister is also putting her older boys in kindergarten this year. They won’t be at the same school as us, but that might be for the best. It was mentioned that if they were, fire trucks would probably be called frequently. Those boys are crazy.

Is it Friday already? I think we’ll have sloppy joes tonight.

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