Happy Birthday!

May 27th

DS2 is three today and we’re having our usual cookout/birthday party this evening. I made the mistake of ordering the cake to be picked up around 5:30 when it turns out dh gets off work early today. This means one of us will have to make an extra trip into town this evening instead of him just picking up the cake on the way home from work. I called the store to see if we could get it earlier, but they said there was “no way.” I guess I should count my blessings that we were able to get a cake with Superman on it in the first place.

I got a bit behind on housework yesterday because I got lazy and nursed the baby in bed in the afternoon. It was all I could do to get up again after that and then I didn’t feel like doing anything truly productive. Today, though, because there will be outsiders in the house, I must motivate myself to clean, clean, clean. Even though I dusted two days ago, there’s a nice coating of dust upon everything again–it’s the only drawback to living out here in the country. So I guess I’ll try to find where I put the Swiffer duster I managed to get as a free sample and dance my way around the house like I’m in a commercial. Or maybe I’ll give it to the oldest and let him do some dusting for me.

We’ve come to the conclusion that the baby absolutely HATES being in the carseat. He screams almost the entire way whenever we go somewhere and I think we may have to pacify him from now on. I detest pacifiers, but he’s not able to find his thumb and we can’t really reach him to put a finger in his mouth while we’re driving. So, it’s either use the pacifier or not take him anywhere. I can’t possibly just stay cooped up all the time. Pacifier it is. At least I didn’t buy it myself–it was free from the hospital.

I got the nursing shirts I bought off ebay the other day. I like them, but because I’ve still got the baby belly going on, they are a little tight and short. Once I can fit into some regular (not maternity) pants again, I’ll be able to wear them comfortably. I tried on some of my pre-pregnancy pants yesterday and I couldn’t button them. Alas!

And now for some news:

My dad is in the hospital. He had a bad reaction to some pain medication and is now in ICU for severe dehydration. His blood sugar levels are all out of whack and they aren’t sure what to do. I’ll probably find out more today.

On one hand, I’m worried for him because he’s so sick and I feel like I’m too young to lose a parent. On the other hand, it’s his own damn fault for not taking care of himself in the first place. He’s a diabetic, for Christ’s sake, and he still smokes, drinks, and does stupid things like forgetting his insulin when going on a weekend trip out of town. I want to feel bad for him, but I’m too angry.

Ok. I’m done.

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