Happy Grandparent’s Day!

Sep 12th


The boys sure do love their Mimi.  Yesterday, we visited Aiden’s class for their Grandparent’s Day party.  We enjoyed juice, cookies, and a little song that they learned especially for the occasion.

Did you know that September 13th is the 30th Annual National Grandparent’s Day?  Well, now you do!

Mimi is Jamie’s mom and she lives right across the field from us.  Her house is the first one on our family road.  Next is Jamie’s Gramma’s house, then our house, then Jamie’s brother’s house.  The rest of the road is mostly cousins and a few non-family members.  There’s no shortage of family around here, that’s for sure.

I didn’t grow up with grandparents who lived nearby.  My dad’s parents lived in Apple Valley, which was about 45 minutes from our house in California, and my mom’s mom lived in South Carolina.  When we moved to GA, we were a lot closer to my mom’s mom, so we get to see a lot more of her than we ever did when I was a child.

I love that my boys have their Mimi and that they see her at least once a week.  They love being able to walk to her house to visit, swim in her pool, and have fun.  They don’t get to see my mom quite as often because she lives in town, but they still love going to visit so they can have dance parties on her sun porch and swing on the tire swing.

I might be biased, but my kids have the coolest grandparents around.

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