Happy Monday

Aug 18th

While watching television last night, I had a conversation with Jamie:

“Are we gonna have ice cream in a minute?” I asked.

“Yeah, just let me finish this up.  I’ll get it in a few minutes,” he replied, typing away on the laptop.

“Ok, then I’m going to go get a pickle.”

Jamie turned to look at me.

“What?  I’m hungry!”

He then declared me ridiculous and I had ice cream shortly after finishing my second pickle of the day.

And you though it only happened in movies.

I made Lucy a fish a couple weeks ago and stuffed it with catnip.  Nothing but catnip.  We have a plant on our front porch that provided wonderful bounty this year, so I needed to do something with it!  Can you tell she likes it?  Even after three weeks, this is her favorite thing in the world (besides her food dish).  It’s the only toy she’s ever played with!  I’ve seen Gwennie snuggle it every now and then, but she’s a closet catnip lover; no pictures of Gwennie and the fish are to be had.

With school starting, this house is significantly quieter, cleaner, and my stress level has gone down. I’m also taking on a couple more customs & trades with the extra time, so that’s good.  Today I’m trying to fix a pooling problem in a pair of longies for a trade.  I never thought I’d have to do that!  It’s a good lesson in patience.

Since I can’t think of much else to write about, here’s a picture of the boys on the second day of school (the camera batteries died inconveniently on the first day):

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