Hello World! I love these jammies.

Feb 6th

It is really, really hard to get a baby to be still, or at least still enough to get a shot of these pajamas from Hello WorldWhat I love most about these are the two-way SmartZip™ zipper, which makes it so much easier to change a diaper in the middle of the night.  I’ve avoided zippered pajamas for the very simple fact that they only zip down.  When I saw these, though, I immediately thought,

“GENIUS!  I need to see these for myself!”

So the nice lady at Hello World Clothing sent me one.   🙂

For a creeper like Timothy, the non-slip soles make crawling across a kitchen floor a little easier, too.  You can’t see it in the picture, but the ankles have elastic so his feet stay in place.  With other pajamas, if Timothy gets going fast enough, his feet get caught up in the legs.

The pajamas are snug.  Timothy is a pudgy baby and I was afraid they would be too small on him, especially since we use cloth diapers (they add a noticeable amount of bulk at night).  Thankfully, we may have another week or two to go before his leg rolls make it impossible to zipper them up.  Look!  You can see his cankles!  I want to nom his thighs!

I cannot say there’s anything I don’t like about Timothy’s jammies other than I wish they made bigger sizes!  I’m going to be sad when he hits his next growth spurt because nothing shows off his adorable Michelin Man rolls better than this sleeper.

For every SmartZip™ sleeper they sell on their website, Hello World Clothing Company will donate one dollar to the Amani Children’s Foundation and New Life Home Trust.  You’ve gotta love a company that gives back.

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