Here we go again: The Breastfeeding Issue

Jul 22nd

Really?  Should it still be an issue after all these years?  REALLY?

It may just be my postpartum radar, but every time I give birth, another huge breastfeeding debate lurches out of the hell holes of controversy.  Whether it’s nursing moms vs. bottle-feeding moms, nursing in public, or whether or not breast is “best”, I am constantly amazed by the number of stories that get picked up by the media.

For the record, I am a lactivist.  I’ve breastfed all of my children and I’m currently nursing my 3-month-old.  I have no problem nursing in public, and yes, I do believe that breast is best.  But as much as I am passionate about all of the above, I think I’ve grown desensitized to all the hype surrounding the whole NIP issue.  I don’t go around flapping my nipples for all the world to see, and I’ve never participated in a nurse-in.   It does anger me when I hear another story about a nursing mother asked to leave a restaurant or store, or a mother who is asked to go to the bathroom to nurse.  You’d just think we’d be past this by now.

What’s really got my goat lately is the woman who was arrested while “drunk breastfeeding.”   The AP picked up the story and there are currently 143 articles on google news about this woman who was allegedy intoxicated when the police arrived on a domestic disturbance call.  She began nursing her infant and then the police arrested her after calling a hospital to see whether or not she should be breastfeeding.  According to the reports, they never actually did a blood-alcohol test.

And then there’s the jackass who decided to go public with his statement that breastfeeding research is “exaggerated” and “flawed”.  Cause you know.  Scientists always go around doing that sort of thing.  Not that he hasn’t done research…for Nestle.  I’ll be interested in actually looking through some of his publications to see if little ole me can figure out where exactly he might be coming from.  The evil conspirator inside of me really thinks that this is the work of a man who got slipped a pretty penny to go public with this statement in order to get some formula companies generating their own economic stimulus package (psst…breastfeeding is FREE, and I’ll bet there have been some cuts to WIC programs out there somewhere).

Around the blogosphere, moms are reacting to the debates.  It ain’t just me:

I’d be interested in reading your thoughts on one or more of these issues.  Have you written a post about it lately?  Feel free to leave me a comment and I’ll add your link to my post.

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