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Aug 13th

I withdrew Corey from school today and Jamie took the Intent to Homeschool form to the superintendent on his way to work. IT’S OFFICIAL!

We decided that to start out with, we’ll have to time block stuff for Corey and gradually work him away from such a restrictive schedule. His personality dictates that he know exactly what’s going to happen, for how long, and what’s going to happen next. I guess all that’s from him being in Montessori for a few years and whatnot. Jamie and I came up with a rough outline of how we’re going to incorporate all the “required” subjects into his day.

Even still, we’re playing it by ear. But I gave myself two weeks to figure out how I want to do things. We’ll put the schedule up on the whiteboard and go from there.

I’m so nervous about it all!

Aiden’s working on tracing lines so we can start learning letters. With his vision still improving, doing things up close can be tedious for him and he gets frustrated easily when the lines aren’t perfect. Wonder who he gets that from…

I’m working on two customs right now, with some really beautiful yarn. The socks are on hold until the longies are done. I finished one and am 1/3 done with the other. Someone find me a progress widget for my blog, ok? Thanks.

Got to go knit now.

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