I broke my blog

Jul 25th

Sorry for the down time today you guys.  I accidentally deleted my header yesterday, then the server went down when we were just about to get the header fixed.  Dreamhost didn’t get the problem resolved until this afternoon!  So, I’m extending the Operation Backpack giveaway until the end of the day tomorrow.  🙂

What did I do all day while waiting for my blog to not be broken anymore?


I vacuumed the living room, two hallways, and the boys’ bedroom!  Then Lucy got confused because the carpet no longer smelled like her cat hairs.  She rolled all over it to make up for it.


The boys got into plenty of mischief as they always do.  It was mostly Simon causing all the trouble.  He is famous for making grand messes and today was no different.  It has been a while since he’s made a disgusting mess.  Well.  Since yesterday anyway.  I’d much rather deal with pickle milk than poop any day, though.

pickle milk

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