I did it!

Jan 11th

I might not be home yet, but I am now a certified Zumba instructor!  It took a day of sweat, laughter, and more sweat to get there.  I absolutely loved the workshop.  Me!  A Shy Person!  I don’t know of any other workshop that’s more like a party than a Zumba workshop.  That’s how the classes are supposed to be, right?  My only hope is that I am able to deliver just that to my future students–a party.  Ain’t no party like a Zumba party cause a Zumba party don’t stop!  But it does.  Cause you’ll get tired.

I'm official!

Here’s a blurry picture of me after eight hours of dancing, lecture, and masterclasses.  Thankfully, my sister lives in an apartment complex with a hot tub.  Can you guess where we went as soon as she picked me up?  It was glorious.  So not only did I get to have a big Zumba party all day, I got to hang out with my most favorite little sister in the world!

Thryn's Santa Snuggie

We took it easy most of the time. If you stalk me on facebook, I’m sure you saw all my check-ins to places like Ikea and the like. Jamie was all, “Why did you go to Ikea as soon as you got there?” Thryn needed a lamp! It was also my first time ever going to an Ikea so I had to see what all the hubbub is about.  I have my eye on a Lack bookcase to maybe serve as a window seat so I’m going to have to see if they deliver.

Linus Petit Chat made friends with me and I enjoyed watching him bunny kick the stuffed kitties that I knit.  He loves them all…especially when Thryn dumps catnip all over them.  He has a pooping problem like Scraps in that he doesn’t like to, but at least he can pee in a toilet.  I was impressed.

Other things we did:

  • Grocery shopped at Trader Joe’s
  • Walked on the beach
  • Played charades with Jamie via Skype because we couldn’t get the sound to work
  • Ate sushi with Thryn’s friends
  • Made up some new dances at an overly-crowded nightclub (Changing the baby!)
  • Passed out on the couch after playing Apples to Apples

Ok, the last one was just me.  How embarrassing.  I woke up and Thryn’s friends were gone and I was like, WOOPS.  In my defense, it was after the Zumba workshop, delicious Mexican food, and two glasses of wine.  I was wrecked.

Travel was fine (not counting the present).  I was terrified of getting lost in the airports and flight delays, but never in my life did I honestly expect to be stranded overnight.  I love how every few years Georgia decides that it’s going to have a real winter.  IT’S SO CONVENIENT!

I’m making the most of it, though.  I managed to find a pretty cushy chair and got a few hours of sleep last night near another set of travelers who are also trying to get back to Augusta.  American Airlines was nice enough to offer a discounted rate at a local hotel but I opted for just staying.  I didn’t want to have to worry about shuttles, going through security again, etc.  What they don’t offer is meal vouchers for weather cancellations.  I think that’s pretty much bull hockey.  My mom paypaled me some money, though, and I was able to enjoy a nice dinner and a giant Blue Moon at the airport TGI Friday’s.

“I’d like to get a Blue Moon.”

“What size?  Do you want the xxx size or the tall xxx ounce one?”

“Oh, go ahead and gimme the big one.”

Anyway, the thousands of flights cancelled across the east coast is no real news if you’ve been watching the news like I have because I have no choice!  Really?  We need CNN or HLN or whatever news station it is on nearly every TV in the airport?  They’re all “Lalala flights are cancelled, travelers stranded, now look at these cute kids playing in the snow!”


I am glad I have my laptop with me and that I can tether my phone in order to get internet access.  Dallas/Fort Worth Airport does not have free wifi.  If you are a dinosaur and carry an ethernet cable with you everywhere, you can get free wired internet.  But really–who does that?

Well, I don’t have much more to say.  It’s still quite early here in Texas.  I’ve already had a venti non-fat mocha no whip and I’m trying to decide what I want for breakfast.  My flight is supposed to leave at 12:45.  Cross your fingers please.  If I can’t make it out today, I might have to impose on my internet friends for real.  I’m not staying in this airport another night.

No sir.

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