No plans

Sep 15th

I don’t have many plans for today other than folding the giant pile of laundry in the middle of the living room. I started yesterday, but Simon’s turning into a Mr. Grabby Hands and it’s hard to fold laundry when it’s being snatched away by a baby who just wants to drool all over the clean clothes.

Remind me not to eat chili for lunch ever again. I think Simon spit up on me a million times throughout the rest of the afternoon because of it. Other than his teething, I can’t think of any other reason he would’ve spit so much. I felt incredibly gross by the end of the night and I’m pretty sure my arms smelled like cheese.

I was just about to write how Aiden actually keeps his underwear on if he has slippers on his feet, but he just now took off the slippers so he could get his underwear off. So much for that idea. And I was proud of myself for that one.

What’s for dinner? I can’t decide between mac & cheese & tuna casserole and hamburger stew. I’m leaning toward the first one.

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