Dec 4th

I probably won’t be blogging much these days (I know I haven’t been, but still…). With the holidays fast approaching, I’ve given myself several projects to do!

Ever since that estate sale a month ago, the box of circular knitting needles has been taunting me from the craft corner of the living room. I know, I know, I told myself that I shouldn’t try knitting anymore, but I think I was taking on projects that were too advanced and that’s why I gave up so quickly! Plus, my knitting technique was horrible.

Now, thanks to a fantastic website (, I have improved my technique and am now working on a gift for my mommy. I finished the bunny hat for the lady at church, but I still have to block it. If I am successful with my mom’s gift, I have a few ideas for gifts for other people as well. There’s no sense in letting the big bag of yarn I have go to waste, is there! Besides, I really should reduce that stash before investing in some wool yarn.

And you know, I’ve been so obsessed with knitting that I even dreamed about it last night.


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