I wake myself scratching

Jul 30th

I half-jokingly posted this photo to instagram saying that this is what the fifth level of hell looks like. The more I suffer and pray that the dandelion supplements start working, the more I think that I’m not going to survive this pregnancy with my head on straight. If this was my only concern, I think I’d be okay. After all, I had this awful rash with every single pregnancy. But you throw in gestational diabetes and summer heat…it’s a recipe for disaster. No wonder I’m a grump almost 24/7.

I’ve only been on dandelion root less than a week but it feels like I’ve had this rash forever. It has gotten worse and I do wake myself scratching the ever loving crap out of my abdomen in the middle of the night. What I want to do most of all is sit in an ice bath or stand in a hot shower all day to draw the itch out. Unfortunately, that’s only a temporary respite.

Jamie told me he would mitt me if I can’t stop scratching. Like the chicken pox episode of “Full House.” Yeah. It’s that bad.


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