I’ve been browsing…

Aug 19th

Having a new baby makes me want to SHOP.  Or rather, it makes me want to drool over things that I want to buy.  So what’s the next best thing?

Entering giveaways!

Just this morning, I put my name in the hat for a pair of Jack & Lily shoes and a Mod Mum Baby Sling.  (You can read the details and enter to win your own if you click on the links!)

Here are my latest YYMN longies, shipping off today for a super-sweet customer.  Doh!  I forgot to send the yarn tag back.  Anyway, the yarn is a Soft Twist Wool in Wisteria from Blue Heron Yarns.  So pretty!  The waistband, drawstring, and cuffs were done in a coordinating soft twist with a little bit of flash (though you can’t really tell in the pic).  You wouldn’t believe how soft the longies are!  They have such excellent drape.

Tonight’s dinner: some sort of chicken meal.  Perhaps chicken and rice?  That sounds soothing to the old tum-tum.

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