I’ve done one thing on my list.

Jun 10th

Ok, so I managed to rip some hair and skin from the area above my eyes. That’s one thing I wanted to do this weekend. Granted, I didn’t do a very good job, but it gave me incentive to wash my face (I took a shower last night instead of this morning).

Today is Saturday, which means we didn’t have to get up nearly as early as we do during the week. Of course, the baby didn’t get the memo, so he was up bright and early at 5:something. He was perfectly happy just kicking his legs and playing with his fists for a while on our bed, though. He’s playing the “I’m asleep while you’re holding me, but not when you put me down” game this morning. I’m taking a moment while he’s resting in the vibrating bouncy seat to write this.

I got to scrub the other side of the kitchen sink earlier so that it resembles the other, cleaner side. Now I just need to finish all the dishes that I let pile up this week and the kitchen might look like a safe and sanitary place to cook and eat. I got out the slow cooker yesterday, thinking I would use it for the stew. After pouring a dollop of EVOO inside, I changed my mind. So now I need to wash it and put it away. I also need to wash the gigantic stock pot I actually used for the stew (it doesn’t fit in the dishwasher). THEN I need to sterilize the breast pump and get to work on a bottle for dh while I’m in church tomorrow morning.

At some point today, dh is supposed to stop over so I can go to the library and get me some books to read. I haven’t had a new book since a week after the baby arrived and I hate doing crosswords in bed. I’m used to reading before I go to sleep. It’ll be nice going by myself, too. I won’t have to tell anyone to be quiet or stop touching that or put that back.

My kit still hasn’t arrived from NFB. On my order status page, it says “Routed to fulfillment” which I assume means it’s actually on route to my house. I could be wrong. If it doesn’t come today, I’m going to be sad. I should get my business cards next week. I may get creative an make a business card holder, but I need to finish my skirt first. I’ve been taking a break from sewing, too.

I need to start a load of diapers. Joy!

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