Knitting Woes

Jan 12th

There are many things I’ve learned on my knitting journey. I’d like to outline them here.

1. I LOVE KNITTING. I seriously thought this was a phase; I thought that once Christmas was over, I’d be totally over knitting. But I can’t stop! Every day, I peruse the internets looking for more things to make. Since I’m trying to de-stash right now, though, pickings are slim. I have a butt-load of scrap yarn, and then a random 2 oz. of vintage Coats & Clark’s Red Heart Nylon of all things that I can’t make anything with!*

2. I HATE SEAMING. As much as I’m enjoying knitting, there are projects that require piecing together and I absolutely detest that part. Maybe it’s the non-finisher spirit or something, but seaming is painfully slow, ugly, and booooorrrrriiiinnnnnng.

3. KNITTING KEEPS ME BUSY! And therefore, keeps me from eating all day or just sitting idly on the internet when the kids are asleep. I will eventually find a balance between knitting and housework, but I’m not too concerned about that at the moment.

*I’ve seriously been hunting for patterns that call for this mysterious discontinued yarn. It’s so frustrating! I imagine that it may prove to be handy if I ever decide to knit some socks, but that’s just not going to happen any time soon (or at least within the next three days).

I also want to mention my latest score: 13 sets of bamboo DPN’s for $20 (plus shipping)! I’ve never been more proud of my mad ebay skillz than I was when I landed these babies. Now, they haven’t actually arrived in the mail yet, but when they do, I will surely do a little dance. Once I get them, the only size needles I’ll be missing will be some straight 8’s & 9’s.

My ongoing project is Simon’s longies. I finished one side yesterday and cast on for the other side this morning. I love the softness of the wool I bought, but yesterday while stumbling around looking for patterns to use with my nylon yarn, I found a knitting board where people were bashing the wool I bought, saying that it pills easily, etc. I guess I’ll find out how well it holds up when I actually finish the durn things. Thing is, they’re knit flat, so I have to seam them. BLAH!

The next pair of longies I decide to knit will definitely be knit “in-the-round” and with a nicer yarn. I’ll have to stalk some WAHM shoppes for good deals, though, because I’m still new at this and don’t want to spend a fortune on yarn only for me to mess it up or have Simon poop all over it the first time he wears them. It would be just my luck.

So, my friends, while I anxiously await the arrival of my brand-new needles, wish me luck on the Quest for a pattern to finally thin my stash.

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