Let’s get physical!

Jul 16th

It took a while but we finally began Willow’s physical
therapy. Her first session was last Thursday. The boys asked if
she’d be able to crawl when she finishes. Sadly, I had to tell them
it doesn’t work like that.

At this point, Willow is scattered in
her development. She can sit for short periods of time, but she has
a tendency to arch and throw herself backward. When she does lose
her balance in a seated position, she doesn’t catch herself. We’ll
be working on correcting the over-extension. Her therapist isn’t
sure why she does it. Sometimes it seems like she’s doing it on
purpose, sometimes not. It’s a mystery.

We’re also still working on
rolling. Willow is still not a fan of tummy-time. She does push up
pretty well when she is on her belly. It’s just hard to keep her
occupied so she won’t flip herself onto her back.

Her next session
is Thursday. If I remember, I’ll update again.

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