lists for me

Aug 24th

If I make these lists, I am more likely not to have more freak-out moments about this baby.

Things I have:

  • Car Seat
  • Boobs
  • Bed
  • Love

Things I don’t have:

  • Cloth diapers (will get them back from a friend when her baby outgrows them (soon?))
  • Clothes

The clothing situation is a minor one.  Really we just need newborn gowns and those kimono snap tees for the first month.  Onsies are not needed since we do cloth diapers.  I guess we need socks, too.  Once the baby is here and we know the gender, the flood of baby hand-me-downs will surely wash over us.  I’ll also be able to raid the local consignment and thrift stores for fun things.

I’ll be ordering the birth kit tonight.  We’ll also start shopping for supplies to have on hand for the big day.  At some point I’ll need to sanitize sheets and towels.

If only I could get the housefly situation under control…that’s a whole different problem.

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