Magnet Ball

Oct 28th
(This picture only proves my need to win those Dapper Snappers I wrote about a few days ago.)

Tonight is Corey’s last soccer game of the season and I really can’t believe it’s over already.  As a Creative Memories consultant, I feel completely guilty for not taking pictures at every game and practice, but it just wasn’t feasible.  I was lucky enough to remember to bring all the kids and put a bra on.  I’ll bring my camera tonight since it’s the last game and the team party…maybe.

I tell you, though: watching crowds of boys play soccer is incredibly entertaining.  Or maybe it’s watching the coaches scream themselves blue when the boys won’t listen that tickles me the most.  I probably heard “SPREAD OUT!” a hundred times a game, yet they still clumped together like penguins in the antarctic.  My stepfather dubbed the game “Magnet Ball” and he couldn’t be more right.

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