Sep 21st

The county finally approved the family plot; Dad and Grandad were moved this week so we all crossed the field and visited them in the pasture this morning.

On the way back to the house, we came across several wild melon vines and a whole mess of Maypops! I didn’t know what these gorgeous flowers were, so I’ve been spending all morning looking them up and drooling over the beautiful photos I’ve come across online.

The first time I heard of Maypops, Jamie’s Dad was telling me about them in the Fall of 2005. Corey had just started kindergarten and Dad mentioned them blooming by where the mailboxes used to be. Now that they’ve paved the road and moved our mailboxes, those flowers are long gone. I regretted not seeing them that year and thought often about how I would have liked to see them to at least know what they looked like.

I’m glad they’re blooming on our land and I feel double lucky to have noticed them this morning as we visited Dad’s grave. It makes them that much more special.

There is one doily pattern with a Passion Flower motif, but it’s a crochet pattern. As I’m not keen with crochet yet, and especially not crochet doilies, I’m hesitant to attempt it. That being said, if anyone knows of a knitted doily pattern that resembles the crochet version, let me know!

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