MISSION Athletecare teaser!

Aug 10th

I must say: these products are AMAZING. I tried the Techknit Cooling Towel this morning at the gym. Usually, I take a regular towel with me to classes–great for wiping my sweat, but not for cooling. Getting *ahem* older, I feel overheated more often than not. During and after my Zumba class, I used the towel and it really did help me feel SO much cooler.

The morning Zumba class at the Y is one that I take to add some cardio to my routine before I teach my yoga class. It was extremely helpful to have the towel on hand to help me cool off during the first part of my own class.

Tomorrow, my son will take both towels, the hat, and the headband to use for marching band practice. Georgia heat is no joke. He’s going to use the hat and one of the towels and lend the headband and the other towel to his best friend. I’m looking forward to reporting their feedback!

In the meantime, check out the website for all the products available for your perusal.



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