The Mommy Confessions: My Boyfriends

Jun 19th
The Mommy Confessions

The other night, a good friend of mine came over and at one point we were talking about our boyfriends.  She has a Movie Boyfriend, Sports Boyfriend, etc.  My TV Boyfriend is Joel McHale, btw.  Then while I was trying to get to sleep last night, thinking about what my confession would be this week, it hit me: I’m cheating on my TV Boyfriend.  In fact, I’m triple-timing him!

I have crushes on three children’s entertainers.  What is it about these guys that makes them so attractive?  Their looks?  Their songs?  Their silliness?  A special combination of all of those things?  Whatever it is, I get all schoolgirl giddy when I see these guys on TV.  And I’ll confess that I enjoyed looking up pictures of them.

Who are my hunks of burning love?  You tell me!  See if you can figure it out based on these pictures.


This might be too easy.  🙂

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