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May 26th

Always the adventurer, Simon is challenging himself with this whole walking thing. For the past two days, he finds something to carry around with him as he makes laps around the living room. It’s never any toys, unfortunately, and I’m starting to question the need for the giant laundry basket full of them that is taking up space on the fireplace. This morning, he started his walking adventure carry a spoon in each hand. At the moment, he has a small air pump that (I think) came with a blow-up mattress. I wish I could step into his brain for a minute and discover why he needs to carry such strange objects around. At my MIL’s house, he won’t walk unless he is carrying a ping pong ball in each hand.

Moving on. We visited last night at the MIL’s house and Jamie’s brother was there with his family in tow. Little baby G is two weeks old and has somehow mastered the art of manipulation already!! It’s amazing because I never knew that newborns could be such fakers. What a DRAMA QUEEN he was! All that crying for NOTHING! If you haven’t sensed my sarcasm yet, I feel for you. Even Jamie was bitching with me last night after the boys were in bed. I’m so proud because he was saying things like, “He needs human contact! He doesn’t want to be shut up, he wants to be held!” I’m so proud of him.

Here was the gist of it all:

MIL carries sleeping Baby G around for a little while and tries to put him in the bucket seat so she could eat dinner. A few minutes later, Baby G starts fussing and my SIL makes a comment about how it was a “fake” cry. No one picks him up and my MIL rocks the bucket seat to no avail. SIL then tries poking a pacifier in Baby G’s mouth. It’s everything I can do to keep from hopping out of my seat and picking him up to burp him (he sounds very clearly uncomfortable). Finally my MIL picks him up and Baby G immediately stops crying. She then makes a comment on his lack of tears. I didn’t know babies HAD to make tears for it to be a “real” cry. Anyway, Baby G then falls asleep and stays asleep for the rest of the night with a few minor interruptions whenever anyone tried to put him down.

I offered my SIL the use of my Moby Wrap and she accepted, so there is some hope for bonding! I made sure to emphasize the fact that Simon did most of his napping in the Moby for a good three to four months; I hope I didn’t make it sound like complaining, though, because I have a strong feeling that she may subscribe to the parenting idiom that held babies are “spoiled” babies. My MIL sure feels that way and used every opportunity to jokingly tell Simon that he was rotten when he was an infant.

So anyway. I keep reminding myself that this is their first baby–the test baby. I’m kidding. Kind of.

I’m trying to make peace, though. I gave her a little bag with some Creative Memories stuff last night: a PicFolio Mini with some vellum accents tucked into the photo slots, a page completion kit, a big catalog, and the past two Mini Catalogs. I know she’s into album making, and we’ve come out with so much cute baby boy stuff that I needed to share.

Can you believe Aiden will be 4 tomorrow? I can’t. My boys are getting so big.

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