My Boobies are Boorish

Jul 30th

I was going to start the week off with an entry about our mini-vacation with my dad, but I’m a little distracted by the article in the local newspaper. You’d think that I get tired of writing about these sorts of things, but now that I’ve received two emails about the article, I need to make a stink for a minute.

The article is about behavior that people find offensive such as talking loudly on a cell phone and noisy children in restaurants. At the end of the list is “breastfeeding in public.” What I can’t understand is how that even compares to any of the “boorish behaviors” listed in the rest of the article. They all involve disruption of some sort, either with noise or in the case of “changing a diaper in public,” smells. On that note, the only time I’ve had to change a diaper in public was at the beach or in a place that simply didn’t have a baby changing station.

I digress.

I don’t make a display of nursing my child in public. It’s not as though I scream “YOU WANT NURSIES?” when I can tell Simon’s hungry. And I certainly don’t take my shirt off or make a PSA whenever I’m undoing my nursing bra to give him a little snack. A lot of people will say that they don’t have a problem with NIP (nursing in public) so long as the mother is being “discreet.” By most definitions, “discreet” means “covered with a blanket.” Not a single one of my babies tolerated being covered up for too long. They like to look at me while nursing and I can imagine it gets pretty stuffy under there.

If I’m not wearing a nursing shirt, the baby does a pretty good job of covering up whatever is showing. The only time someone may get flashed is if he pulls of suddenly and my nipple pops free. That’s only distracting for someone who is watching intently and happens to catch the boobie shot before I cover up again. I’d invest in more nursing shirts, but they are ridiculously expensive. So there. People will just have to deal with my NIP without blankets and cover-ups.

Who can honestly say they would rather hear a screaming infant than see a mother cradling her baby and doing the most natural thing? Personally, I get peeved whenever I see someone poking a bottle of juice into a crying 4-month-old. The ignorance alone distracts me; I get caught up in my own thoughts and wondering why people don’t educate themselves about infant nutrition.

Not everyone chooses to breastfeed their children. I get it. What I don’t get is why people write stuff like in this article. I don’t get why mothers need to defend themselves when it comes to feeding their babies the way nature intended. I don’t get how people think breastfeeding is gross or abnormal.

So to people who think breastfeeding in public is boorish:

If you have a problem with my nursing in public, don’t look at me. Focus instead on the parents beating their children in the middle of Wal-mart.

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